I am very excited to write this post, because personally, I have a slight everything crush on Hedi Slimane and his work. (Of course we can't forget my undying love, animal sacrifices, blood baths, etc for Raf Simons). But Slimane. His work from photography to fashion, has been something I have followed for years. Does anyone recall the legendary "Samurai Fiction" editorial in VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN, July 2008? Well...

(images via Hedi Slimane website)

I know right?? Bloody fucking perfect.
I'll just give you a moment to take all of this in.


Alright. So Slimane is an amazing fashion photographer, obviously. I mean, that editorial is brilliant. He has a certain touch, an amazing way with the camera that is very graphic yet so simple. Something absolutely signature to his style. And truthfully, his talents as a photographer is what sparked my interest in him. I originally noticed his Dior Homme S/S 2005 campaign which, as you can see, is very striking (and noticeably him). The black and white photography, simple background, it was very telling in that minimally romantic way I love. And after obsessively researching his work, I became hooked. A stan?? (Ugh, I loathe that word). His A/W 2007 collection still remains one of my favorite menswear shows of all time. Ever. Second only to Raf Simons A/W 2005. And that is saying a lot, considering most of you probably know how much I absolutely adore Raf Simons' work. Nevertheless, Slimane, has returned to menswear at Yves Saint Laurent, or rather, Saint Laurent Paris, as he so gracefully changed it to. And truth be told, I am ecstatic. He has been out of menswear for awhile now, and I missed that glam rock street edge he manages to pull off so well. The "I really don't give a fuck what you think" attitude he displays through design - it seemed lost somewhere in the lack of our menswear designers. Which might explain why I have such an unexplainable obsession with Raf Simons, considering he is an absolute trailblazer in mens fashion, never recognizing society's limits. But Slimane has returned with all the glorious, rocker chic edge I was craving.

(images via YSL website)

Unfortunately, the menswear collection wasn't shown on the runway. I am not sure why, but Slimane did not show his mens or resort collection to the public (as in, critics were also not invited). The show was only open to buyers, which is interesting to say the least. The timing of both presentations was interesting as well, considering Raf Simons debuted his Dior Couture collection during the same week. Anyway, this menswear collection is perfect. I am disappointed that there wasn't a runway show to see, because it so clearly represents Slimane's voice and the YSL man. The suits and tuxedo. Wow. Classically YSL, elegant in its taste, but with that "Skinny Slimane" silhouette we all know and love. Nothing about this is distant from the history of Saint Laurent or Slimane's rock edge. It is a great announcement to his return, and one I am more than willing to hear. Also, I don't know if you saw, but I definitely watched his debut womenswear collection, and it was just...okay. With all the hype and drama surrounding his name at YSL, you would think the debut collection would be a, well, "debut;" but it was hardly that. Nothing new to see, the SS13 collection almost seemed lost in translation. I wasn't sure how to respond to it. But these menswear pieces, even the campaign and photography, it's absolutely Slimane. Perfectly graphic and sublime in its way, all the while our graceful YSL man has never left the fucking building. It really is a great comeback for his menswear.

Hopefully all of the recent drama surrounding him and Cathy Horyn will become an irrelevant happening, and people will move on. Slimane is a relevant mind in today's fashion world, with a distinct point of view for menswear. Personally, I do feel like what he did was unnecessary and immature, but in terms of talent, we can't deny his. Slimane was and always will be one of my first inspirations in the fashion world.